Decorative and textured walls

Decorative and textured walls :

Our decorative wall finishes include concrete effect, in natural greys, or a wide range of colours, options with marbled highlights, including metallics.

We use ATRIA Made in Paint & Valpaint decorative paints, with endless possibilities for feature walls. In addition to Concrete effect walls, we have : 

  • Rust Effect 
  • Metallic Effect 
  • Stucco 
  • Polished Plaster 
  • Patterned Stencils 
  • Concrete Texture Stencil 
  • Acrylic water-based paints (Full Colour spectrum & super washable) 
  • Murals & Hand Painted commissions: We have in-house fine artists who work on murals, & hand painted designs.

We use RAL & NCS Colour codes in our tinting machine. All Materials are imported from Italy.

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