Terrazzo Flooring :

Terrazzo Flooring :

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Terrazzo is not just a flooring option, it’s a work of art! With its seamless design and incredible versatility, terrazzo allows for endless possibilities when it comes to creating unique and stunning spaces. 

At Horizon 7, we use only the highest quality materials and an array of different styles, colors, aggregates, and divider strips to create truly one-of-a-kind terrazzo floors. 

 to look beautiful and brilliant for many years to come.

From classic to contemporary, we can match terrazzo to any color scheme using unique aggregates like mother of pearl, glass chips, or even broken ceramics. Plus, the benefits of terrazzo go beyond its beauty. Our nonporous terrazzo floors are highly resistant to chemicals, bacteria, and spills, making them not only easy to maintain but also highly durable. With just basic maintenance, our terrazzo floors will continue

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